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Specialist (Computer Engineer - System Administrator)

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Dec 2019 – Present (3 yr 6 mos)

Keywords: #automation #servers #ansible #infrastructure #python #linux

As a system administrator I have worked with virtualized systems consisting of mainly RHEL and Windows Server VMs running on VMware alongside tools like Ansible, Terraform, Satellite etc. I have worked with critical systems that require 100% uptime.

My main project was Infrastructure Automation. I took initiative and pushed for automation, then led the efforts to introduce automation to our systems. During our evaluations I had the chance to work with Terraform, Saltstack, Cloudforms and contemporaries. I integrated AWX (upstream ansible tower) running on Kubernetes to our infrastructure as a proof of concept, then made all of our provision, configuration, patching, management jobs run on Ansible Automation Platform scheduled and hands-free.

Similar to automation, I’ve reached beyond my job duties and created a Server Inventory App using Python, Django and SQLite; which synchronizes data from VMware vCenter, Active Directory, Ansible Automation Platform, Tenable, our local databases and mail servers. It quickly grew beyond it’s original purposes and became a central hub for us to monitor, list and report everything related to our infrastructure.

Later on I’ve rewrote the app on Flask and moved the database to PostgreSQL while also writing an API.

In addition to these projects, I regularly wrote Powershell and Bash scripts, configured RHEL and Windows Servers. Gained proficiency in Linux servers and worked with Docker/Kubernetes.


Hacettepe University Computer Graphics and Game Studies Lab

2017 – 2021

Keywords: #virtualreality #unity #rendering #simulation #psychology #graphics

I’ve worked in collaboration with other departments (Psychology, Medicine faculties) to help them implement their projects in VR environments as “serious games” / “simulations”.

One of my VR projects won the first place in our department, and was presented at XI Congreso Internacional y XVI Nacional de Psicología Clínica at Granada/Spain in October 2018.

My other noteworthy contributions included rendering simulated fluids on VR, realistic hand tracking and hand interactions (initially using LeapMotion with HTC Vive, then Oculus Quest 2)

Junior Software Engineer

Atlas Eğitim Yazılımları

Aug 2019 – Oct 2019 (3 mos)

I’ve worked as a full stack .NET MVC Developer here to add features to the company’s main product. Worked with C#, C++, JavaScript, AngularJS.



Jul 2017 – Aug 2017 (2 mos)

I’ve worked on a database management system using ASP.NET and I’ve also written a proof of concept document encryption app using Windows Forms.


Enerjisa Başkent Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.

Jun 2016 – Aug 2016 (3 mos)

Initially I worked at the IT department for a while and created batch scripts to configure devices for end-users.

After a week I started at the software department and observed a big project, then worked on it while using ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, HTML and CSS. Also did some small tasks to learn about frameworks like Kendo UI, Rocket, Node.js etc.


Hacettepe University

Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

2014 – 2018

We took a mix of CS and CEng topics. During this time I’ve done more than hundred assignments on many different languages and frameworks.

My graduation project (a short description would be OCD Exposure Therapy on VR) won the first place in our department and our collaborators, the Psychology Department presented it on different expos on multiple countries.

Since it was a success and gathered interest, I was offered to work on a similar project in collaboration with Hacettepe University Medicine Department. It aims to eliminate test anxiety on adolescents at a test simulation in VR. Currently it’s at testing phase.

Ankara Science High School


2009 – 2013

I studied in this high school where the top minds enter and get an advanced education. To enter here I aced one of the exams and got a 96% score on the other one.